Transport from Past and Present


5This term, the Year 2 children have been learning about transport from the past and present. On Thursday 9 November we took a trip to the Howick Historical Village and had a great day looking into how life was almost 200 years ago when the horse and cart was the most popular mode of transport. We experienced how life was back in 1840, the transport, the clothing, what school was like compared to now and the lifestyle.

We all dressed up in the clothes the early settlers to New Zealand would have worn and had a brilliant opportunity to look around the Village and get involved in some of the experiences that children from that era would have participated in.

We did a few lessons in an old classroom and had to do our handwriting on a slate because there were no books. We had to fetch the water for the family and did some of the chores expected of children, all before they went to school. Overall we had a great day and before we came back to school on the bus we had a tug o’ war. It was a very memorable day!


Mrs Williams, Y2 Team Leader