Year 7&8 Debate Team


On Tuesday 12 September, a very motivated, articulate and hardworking group of Y7&8 debaters utilised their persuasive oral language skills by attending a round of inter-school debates against Stonefields and Kohimarama Schools, hosted by Stonefields School.


In preparation for this event, for seven weeks of lunchtime meetings during the term, the LEP Debate Team members enthusiastically tackled not only the research required for increasingly complex mooting topics but also explored different ways to more effectively rebut or disprove the opposing team’s main argument.


On the day of competition, the moots for the two debates were:


1. ‘There Should Be No Age Restriction For Creating A Social Media Account’ (St Heliers NEGATIVE vs Stonefields School AFFIRMATIVE)
2. ‘Science Fairs Have Very Little Educational Value’ (St Heliers AFFIRMATIVE vs Kohimarama School NEGATIVE)


St Heliers School won BOTH debates.


Miles, Jorja, Oscar, Cameron, Alex, Colden and William should ALL be congratulated. They approached each of the two debates with lots of enthusiasm and intellect. The judges commented on the depth of research and the confidence and finesse displayed by each debater. Their behaviour at all times was exemplary, both at Stonefields School and when travelling to and from the venue. I would also like to acknowledge the parent help with transport and supervision that I received on the day. This ensured the inter-school debates ran smoothly and to time.


Miss Mill, LEP Co-ordinator/Debate Coach Team Leader