Serious About Engineering


Year 6 EPro8

On Friday 19 October two Y6 Epro8 teams from our school were lucky enough to go to St Thomas’s School to take part in a young engineering competition. Our goal was to win against five other schools from around Auckland. We were given 3-D printed parts to build with and our own station of extra parts. We had three hours to build whatever task that we wanted from the manual. Our team, the Pistons, chose to build a fully equipped fire engine that could move by itself. Our other team, the Construction Kings, made a magician's table complete with magic tricks. The St Heliers Pistons won the competition and will now go through to the next round on the 29 November! Special thanks to Mr Woodhead for organising the teams.


Nico and Ben, Y6 Room 22 Students


Year 7&8 EPro8

On Thursday 18 October, four Year 7 and four Year 8 students attended an EPro8 competition. EPro8 is an engineering, problem solving and innovation competition. It involves collecting points by completing a variety of tasks. The team with the most points at the end of the given time wins and the top four will make it into the quarter finals. We were given motors, gears, lights, aluminium poles, and rope.

We were unable to get a placing this year but we did pretty well. During the task where we had to tip ‘Uncle’ Albert off his bed, the Year 7 team decided it would be easier to simply pull him off the bed with an electric motor. The motor powered a winch which dragged ‘Uncle’ off his bed using a piece of rope tied to his right ankle. The judge was very strict with the tasks but overall we had a great night.


Jack and Keith, Y7 Room 29 Students