Serious About Engineering


Year 6

10A team of Year 6 students recently attended the EPro8 tournament at Stonefields Primary School. Our team was made up of Adam White, Jonny Sewell, Keith Looi and Jack Sutherland. We called our team SAE (Serious About Engineering). The name was inspired by last year’s Year 7 team, SAS.

The competition was on Thursday 19 October and our team began optimistically. We were fiddling with all the 3D printed parts we had been given and we almost snapped the roller chain more than once! When everyone had arrived we began the briefing. Since none of us had participated in this competition before, we had to listen very carefully to the instructions.

The way the system for placing worked was that there was a book of challenges. We could do the challenges in any order we wanted. Our team built the bridge first. When we had completed the main challenge and the smaller ones that went with it, we pressed the big red buzzer and the judge came over and scanned our booklet for the answers. Because we did all the challenges for the bridge we got a lot of points so suddenly we were in the lead! After that we stayed in the lead until the end of the entire challenge and we won, but only just! The team in second place got only 20 points less than our winning 360 points! We are moving onto the next exciting stage of the semi-finals on the 23 November. We are really looking forward to it, wish us luck!

Adam & Jack, Y6 Students


Years 7&8 EPro8

On Thursday 19 October two Year 7 and 8 EPro8 teams set out to prove they were 'Serious About Science' and ready to 'Divide, Build and Conquer' through a series of engineering problems that require teamwork, innovation and perseverance. An example of such a problem was to create a dog able to open and close it's jaw, bark and move it's tail (it had to also resemble a dog!) It was a challenging night, but also great fun. The Year 8 team Serious About Science managed to come third, scoring a place in the semi-final which will be held on Wednesday 22 November at Stonefield's School for what I'm sure will be an even tougher challenge. Bring it on!

Miles, Year 8 Student