Inspirational Speaker


During Week 2 of this term, Year 6, 7 & 8 were fortunate to host a motivational speaker, Cam Calkoen.


Cam was born with cerebral palsy and spent a lot of his young years in and out of hospital. He was told he would be in a wheelchair and would find it hard to walk let alone run. However, he chose to defy all odds and today travels the world and shares what can be achieved when we see opportunity, clarify purpose, and live for awesome! Cam spent many years representing New Zealand in athletics. He showed the students his array of medals and running shoes, and spoke of his

experiences and how he got to where he did and the process he did it. He also spoke about his favourite word 'AWESOME' !


Cam was an inspirational speaker for the students to listen to, as well as helping ignite their learning for the term.
Miss Franklin, Y6 Team Leader


Comments from some Year 6 students:


Disability can be associated with failure, with dependency and with not being able to do things. However, people who aspire to defy these assumptions, can go on to achieve great things and Cam has, in every measure, done this. He has proved to me that determination and impossibility are never found together. When someone says ‘possibility’ Cam hears ‘opportunity’ and I have learnt that the only reason one misses out on opportunities is by not being competitive enough. Competition comes in many forms, and as Cam shared a story about the pursuit of your dream, he demonstrates that our biggest competitor is the one looking back at us in the mirror.
In conclusion, throughout his speech and afterwards, Cam has inspired me to do something awesome.
By William


From Cam Calkoen I learnt that if you put your heart and mind into something, then you can achieve anything. If you are different, you can still do things that other people can do, and even if you never get there you can be proud of the fact that you tried.

I learned that when your mind says ‘I cannot do this maths question, it is too hard’ it should really be saying ‘This maths question really challenges me, but I’ll give it a go’. Everybody has their ups and downs in life, but that does not mean they should just give up completely. Life is full of opportunities that you should take as you never know when time will run out. Make the most of your life. Live it awesome. So if you DREAM BIG, you will ACHIEVE MORE.
By Holly 


What impressed me the most was that Cam was determined to break through his barriers even if the challenge was himself. He showed that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything, you may not be the best or the fastest, but at least you tried.
By Finn