Aotearoa - The Land of the Long White Cloud

On Tuesday 14 March the Year 1 classes visited the New Zealand Maritime Museum in the Auckland Viaduct.


The trip was part of our inquiry learning for this term ‘Aotearoa - The Land of the Long White Cloud’. The children had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how the first explorers arrived to New Zealand. The children were supported by museum educators into finding some of the answers to their initial questions and ‘wonderings’ about how the first people arrived in New Zealand. We then enjoyed making comparisons between then and now, and the changes over time.


The children had the opportunity to see and explore some Polynesian wakas and canoes and learn how important the coconut and its husk was. The children are now experts at using only coconut husk to tie wood together!


The highlight for many of the children was the boat trip on the ‘Ted Ashby’ out onto the Waitemata Harbour and up to the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The trip was a real adventure for our 5 year old explorers.


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and museum staff who made the trip a success and such a memorable experience for all the Year 1 children.


Mrs Wood, Year 1 Team Leader