Space and our Solar System



Our inquiry topic this term has been space and our solar system, which culminated in a trip to the Auckland Observatory in Cornwall Park. 

The children have been fascinated with their study of the planets and how the earth orbits the sun. They have been keen to ask many questions to further their understanding of their place in the universe. At the same time, we have been learning about time in mathematics and this has helped us make sense of some quite abstract concepts about time and space. The teachers at Stardome involved us in interactive activities, we viewed the solar system and it’s configuration of stars and planets at all seasons of the year. All had a great day.

"I learnt that the Earth is on a tilt because if it were not there would be no seasons". By Alex 
"I learnt that there is a real Southern Cross and a false Southern Cross. Two stars point at the real Southern Cross". By Elliot
"I learnt that Earth spins on a tilt when it orbits the sun". By Eve


Mrs Williams, Y2 Team Leader