The Arts Take Flight


2018 Poster A3.docx 1 CopyThe pinnacle of this term has to be our school show, The Arts Take Flight. The three shows were a showcase of the incredible talents of our children and staff through The Arts. The group performances were groups that we already have in our school arts programmes who meet regularly to hone their skills ready for performances such as this. Added to this were class and team performances reflecting the learning themes of the term. The script was created by senior students through a Learning and Enrichment Programme held during Term 2.


Shows of this calibre take a collective effort of many. Our thanks to;

• Kerry Herbert who lead and coordinated the entire show.
• The staff who supported, trained and coached the children to enable a quality performance and the staff behind the scenes who provided sound, lighting and administrative support to allow the show to run smoothly.
• The parents who helped with costumes, make-up and hair, and generally supported teachers in a wide range of ways.
• The companies who so generously donated goods and services.
• Most importantly, the children the stars of the show who gave their best and 'wowed' us all.


Congratulations everyone!