Dog Safe Workplace NZ


At the beginning of this term, all our Y0-2 children had an informative interactive session with the team from Dog Safe Workplace NZ. Each class had a trained dog handler and their dog visit for a 45-minute session learning how to stay safe around dogs.


This was a community-funded scheme designed to educate young children by teaching them practical strategies to use around dogs. By the end of each session, some of our more nervous children were able to pat or stroke Chase and Jet but only after they had ASKED THE OWNER!



“Never run away from a dog in a playground. They have 4 legs and we only have 2.” Samuel

“Never stare at a dog it will get unhappy.” Mack

“If a dog chases you, stand like a tree.” Zoe

“If you want to pat them you must ask the owner.” Andrew

The opportunity created lots of positive talk about keeping ourselves safe and some of our Year 2 children were inspired to create a poster to help share our learning.


Mrs Wood, Y0-2 Team Leader