Tuesdays at Okahu Bay


In Year 8, we have the pleasure of going to Okahu Bay to take part in the Waterwise programme. This is a great day, when you get to learn about sailing and kayaking. We were split into three groups - one group for sailing, one group for kayaking and the other group learnt about different parts of a sailboat. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to do each activity, and everyone learnt about each skill. Our class had the perfect day; light winds, cloud cover and a not too high temperature. Sailing was a breeze - even in our own boats, we managed to manoeuvre them calmly (in most cases) through the water. Being able to kayak was one of the best parts. Just paddling out in the water and kayaking, with something that was almost silence around you, was amazing. Overall, Waterwise is a great experience - you learn heaps and have a fantastic time.


Evelyn & Jorja, Y8 Room 15 Students