Ecology Scientific Inquiry


This term Year 4 students are conducting an ecology scientific-based inquiry into the diversity of different living species on Planet Earth, with a deliberate focus on honey bees. The students will research about the different medicinal properties of honey, the logistics of pollination and the varying jobs done by the different bees in a beehive. Students will also learn about concepts of evolution and extinction. They will be asked to suggest reasons for the dramatic falling number of bee colonies worldwide and ponder on what the long-term impact of this may be on all our lives.


In order to ignite the students’ interest in this inquiry, to inspire them and to explore new learning pathways, we invited Sara Russ, the Bee Lady, to the school on Wednesday 2 August to talk to and motivate our students through a hour long presentation, which included an informative slide show, a 3D sneak peek inside a virtual beehive, songs and movement along with arts, craft and an tasting from the honey pot.


In the Science & Technology Room, Sara talked to our students about bee identification and, in particular, the important 4 - 5 differences between a wasp, a bumble bee and a honey bee. Sara also discussed the ways bees used to be kept and explained the different ways honey can be collected. Best of all, the Year 4 students got to make a beeswax candle to take home.


Miss Mill, Y4 Team Leader