Inter-School Math Competition


Year 5&6 Mathex

A couple of weeks ago, 16 Mathex competitors from St Heliers School congregated at St Kentigern Boys School, along with many other teams from surrounding schools.


The two Year 5 teams were competing for the first time. They performed well with one team achieving 70 points and the other team 65 points from the possible 100. There were 28 teams and both St Heliers teams achieved well placing 5th and 6th place consecutively. A big thank you to Mrs Franich for taking her time to train them.


There were many rows of desks, each leading up to a marking table, where 2 judges sat with questions and answers. Each team had a runner. When the team had answered the question, the runner would sprint to the marking table. The judge would either say yes or no.


The teams were scored 5 points for every correct question. You could pass on a question and receive 0 points at any time. 20 questions, 20 minutes, sounds good!!


The two Year 6 teams performed well and had 30 teams in this competition. This year’s questions seemed very challenging with the winning school achieving only 85 points of the possible 100 in the time allocation. One of the St Heliers Year 6 teams achieved 75 points placing 3= with four other schools. The other team achieved 60 points and everyone had an enjoyable evening solving maths problems.


Many thanks to parents for bringing your children to the competition and for staying and supporting St Heliers Mathex teams.

Miss Franklin, Y6 Team Leader


Year 7 Mathex Competition

On 24 August a team of Y7&8 students went to the ASB stadium next to Selwyn College for the Schools’ Mathex Competition. Most schools bought an ‘A team’ and a ‘B team’ to compete. There were 120 teams overall for each year group with four people in each. The teams sat at tables which were in rows of twelve by ten. We all had half an hour to answer all of the questions. Each question was worth five points and it was optional to pass. Our Y7 teams did very well, with both teams scoring 80 points and at the end of the Competition. All of our students thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we hope to repeat it next year.
By Mimi, Rm29