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DSC 0052St Heliers is a school that strives for excellence. Our aim is to guide and nurture each student to reach their potential in all areas of school life. Integral to achieving this aim is having a close partnership between home and school.

Being a full primary (Years 1 to 8) we are in a unique position to see the development of the students from young bright-eyed 5 year olds to young adolescents. From the earliest stages of their schooling, students are encouraged to be independent, responsible learners.

Older students are expected to look out for younger students. At the start of the year senior classes are buddied up with a junior class to support the children in various aspects of their schooling. This also helps to create the family atmosphere we want at St Heliers.

Sean Valvoi




St Heliers School:







Dear St. Heliers School,

I enjoy learning English here.  In the break, we can go to the playground to play slides and make friends. In class, we can play with toys and plan games together. On Fridays we can receive gifts.

Thank you teachers and classmates for taking care of me!

Siqi   - 8 years old    (1-8-2014)


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CHEN Sihan


St Heliers School:







To Dear St. Heliers School,

I love the curriculum hereDuring each break, I play with my best friend Tim. I am very comfortable here because I can eat during the breaks if I'm hungry. When I'm full, I can playWhat a lovely memory!

Sihan   9 years old  (1-8-2014)


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St Heliers School:

我非常开心可以和你们一起上课一起玩耍,Miss Mill 上的课我也非常喜欢!谢谢!







Dear St. Heliers School,

I am very happy to learn and to play with other students. I like Miss Mill’s class very much!

Thank you!

Yunqi     9 years old  (1-8-2014)

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XIANG Zhiqian


St Heliers School:

感谢您长时间对我的谆谆教诲,我在这度过了风风雨雨,也在这度过了欢乐的时光,还在这成长了许许多多。我坚信St Heliers School 会越办越好。我喜欢这儿,我爱这里,这里就像我的家,我永远都不会忘记这,相信下次来到这儿会再看到熟悉的面孔!谢谢!






Dear St. Heliers School,

Thank you very much for teaching me. I experienced the wind and rain here and I spent a very good time here. I feel I grew up a lot. I do believe that St Heliers School will become better and better. I like it here and I love here. The School is like my home and I will never forget it. I believe that when I come back I will see many familiar faces.

Zhiqian  - 11 years old - (1-8-2014)

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XU Youzeng


St Heliers School:



                                                                                        10Room 26




Dear St. Heliers School,

I like St Heliers School very much. The environment here is very good. There is a big playground and there are snacks but no snack is available at school in China. There is no homework here and the homework is piled like a mountain in my country. We can play balls here and other games. The teachers and students are kind and patient to me, although I can speak a little English. Why we were treated so seriously in China?

Youzeng   - 10 years old   (1-8-2014) - Room 26 - Year 5

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St Heliers School:

我喜欢这的Reading课,老师给我们讲故事,然后会对故事提问。体育课我们会一起跳舞。我们的游乐场也很适合我,大小孩分开,没冲突。我们的班级课桌椅我也很喜欢。每天我都会交到许多朋友,也有小朋友和我学中文。我感到非常高兴去图书馆借书,有不会的单词,也会有同学来耐心教我读,我也学得很认真。感谢St heliers School 的关切照顾。



                                                                                                                                                       8 岁(Room 11 Year3




Dear St. Heliers School,

I like the reading class here. Mrs. England tells us stories, and then she asks us questions. We dance together in PE class. The playground fits me a lot; older kids are separated from us. The conflicts are avoided. I like the desks and chairs in our classroom. I make a lot friends every day. I’m very happy that some of them learn Chinese from me. I really enjoy borrowing books in the library. When I have some words I don’t understand, my classmates come to help me with patience. I study hard also. Thank you St Heliers school, for your kind care to me.

Yitong -  8 years old  (30-7-2014)   - Room 11 Year 3


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St Heliers School的老师和同学:

我很喜欢St Heliers School的学习课程和学习环境。学校的老师和同学都很友好,给了我很多帮助,使我很快融入了这里的学习生活。我很喜欢这里的数学课,因为可以学到分数,在中国我还没学到过。我还交到很多好朋友,每天一起玩真开心。




To my teachers & classmates in St. Heliers School:

I enjoyed so much in the course and environment in St. Heliers School. My teachers and classmates were very friendly, they gave me a lot of help, which helped me get used to the school environment quickly. I liked the Math because I had a chance to learn fractions, which had not been taught to me in China. I also made many friends here enjoyed playing with them everyday.


 Year 4, (22-8-2014) 8 years old


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오늘저는생애유학을오게 St Heliers school 대하여이야기를보려고합니다. 저는뉴질랜드에와서St Heliers school 이라는학교에다니고, Room 23학생이되어행운이라고생각합니다.   뉴질랜드에오기전에 St Heliers school 관한이야기를듣고기대를많이했었는데,기대이상이라고생각합니다.


St Heliers school와서가장좋다고생각하는점은교육방식입니다.   여기에서는아이들의창의력과개성을키울있는활동 (이야기짓기와같은) 많이해서좋습니다.


저는개인적으로 Morning Tea 마음에듭니다.   학생들이음식을섭취함으로서공부를있게끔기력을복돋아준다는선생님들의마인드가바람직한같군요.  


이곳의학교는자유로운같습니다.   선생님과학생들이거리감없이친구처럼지내는것이인상깊었습니다.   친절하신선생님들을만나게되어기쁩니다.


요즘저는하루하루가너무행복합니다.   좋은친구들도많이사귀었고, 다들저를많이배려해줍니다.  앞으로도 St Heliers school 에서좋은추억을많이만들었으면좋겠습니다.


상희 11


Today, I'll going to tell you about my study as an international student at St Heliers School. I think I'm so lucky to go to St Heliers School and to be a student in Room 23. Before I came to New Zealand I heard the story about St Heliers School. I expected a lot, but it is above expectation.


I came to St Heliers School and I think the teachers' way of teaching is the best way in education. In addition, students' creative activities help to raise their levels of education. Personally, I like morning tea. The students can gain strength by exercising and eating so they can study better.


I think this school is very relaxed and I am happy to meet my kind teacher. Teachers and students are talking as if they were friends; it is impressive. Nowadays, I am so happy. I have some good friends, and I have a lot of people who care about me. I would like to continue the wonderful life at St Heliers School.

Sanghee - 11 years (July 2014)


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저는 St.Heliers 스쿨에서의 학교 생활에 대해 얘기 하려고 합니다.

처음에는 많이 긴장되고 두려웠는데 아이들과 선생님들 모두 친절해서 금방 적응할 수 있었습니다.


우리 학교는 컴퓨터실, 도서관, 강당, 잔디 운동장등 편리하고 깨끗한 환경을 가지고 있습니다.


그리고 응원단, 합창단, 스포츠, 악기, 미술 등 다양하고 재미있는 활동을 할 수 있어서 좋습니다.


저는 게임과 실험을 통한 재미있는 수학과 다양한 재료를 사용해 표현력을 키우는 미술이 재미있습니다.

저는 세인트 헬리어스 스쿨에 있는 게 정말 행복합니다.


I'm going to tell you about my school life in St.Heliers School.

At first, I was too nervous but I settled in the school quickly  because all the teachers and my friends were very friendly.

Our school has lots of convenient and clean environment like the  ITC room, school hall, library, field and play grounds.

Also, we can do lots of fun activities like cheer-leading, choir, sports, instruments and art...etc.
I like mathematics that involves games and experiments and art using various materials which helps us to improve our powers of expression.

I'm really happy to be at St.Heliers school.


Ji Eun - 10 years - July 2014


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僕はこの学校のインターナショナル生徒です。正直この学校が一番いいともいます。 ここにはいっぱい良い友達がいます。ここの生徒たちはすごいやさしいです。僕は2011年に日本をはなれ英語の勉強のためにニュージランドに来ました。ここに来た時僕の英語はへたでした。でも一ヶ月ちょっとでこの学校になれました。僕の最初の友達はダンとよれんです。




"Hi my name is Masaya I’m an international student in St Heliers School and I got to say I think this school is the best. I have a lot of friends and they are really nice and friendly.


I left Japan on 2011 and came to New Zealand for my education. It wasn’t easy at the start because I was really bad with my English skills but after about a month I settled in quickly with my very first friends Dan and Yoran.


I really recommend coming to this school."

Masaya - 11 years old - (August 2014)


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河崎 敬夫


"I thought that it was good to come to this school because there were lots of different nationalities in New Zealand schools, unlike Japanese schools. I was surprised at the start.


When I entered school, my English was not good but I had various friends to help me. Above all, there are no fights in school so I am relieved to know this. There is not one shameful thing here at this school."

Hayao  - 12 years old - (August 2014)


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私はこの学校に来て良かったです。私はこの学校で驚いた事がたくさんあります それは、給食がないこと、せいふくがあること、皆、学校で明るい事とこの学校には、グランドと遊具があることです。他にも色々ありますがこの学校にはいっぱい優しい人がいます。ESOL(インターの生徒の教室)も楽しくやっています。私はもう1年2年ぐらいここにいたいです。

                              みの里 9歳

I’m glad I came to this school but there are a lot of things that I was surprised about. That is, there were no school lunches but there is a tuck shop, there were school uniforms, everyone’s happy in school, and there is a school field and a playground. There are lots more things that I was surprised about and there are a lot of kind students.


I’m also having fun at ESOL (special class for students from other countries). I really want to stay here for 1 or 2 years.

 Minori   9 years old - (August 2014)

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