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DSC 0052St Heliers is a school that strives for excellence. Our aim is to guide and nurture each student to reach their potential in all areas of school life. Integral to achieving this aim is having a close partnership between home and school.

Being a full primary (Years 1 to 8) we are in a unique position to see the development of the students from young bright-eyed 5 year olds to young adolescents. From the earliest stages of their schooling, students are encouraged to be independent, responsible learners.

Older students are expected to look out for younger students. At the start of the year senior classes are buddied up with a junior class to support the children in various aspects of their schooling. This also helps to create the family atmosphere we want at St Heliers.

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Accidents, Sickness and Prescribed Medicines

The school endeavours to minimise hazards and prevent accidents. From time to time, however, accidents do happen. The vast majority of accidents are minor so we will not notify parents. When an injury or illness is thought to be more serious, we will contact parents immediately. However, if the Principal or First Aid Officer considers the sickness or injury requires urgent medical attention, this will be sought immediately. The school needs current contact numbers for these times. Please ensure we always have these up-to-date numbers.

St Heliers School does supervise the taking of prescribed medicine in exceptional circumstances, i.e. when it is absolutely necessary that a student must take a prescribed medicine during school hours. Any request from parents for such medicine to be administered at school must be received in writing. A form for this purpose is available from the office. Supervision of the taking of the medicine will be by the designated First Aid Officer.


Area Health Board Testing for Hearing and Vision

A programme is conducted each term by the Auckland Area Health Board to screen for hearing or vision impairments. Parents are contacted if any hearing or vision issues arise.


Dental Clinic, Point England (Phone 570 4309)

Free dental treatment is offered to children over two and a half years through a scheme provided by Waitemata Health. The St Heliers Clinic is no longer open.


Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse for our school visits the school regularly and students can be referred through the classroom teacher and the Deputy Principal.



A donation is requested of parents to contribute towards the shortfall in funding from the Government. These donations are put towards such things as:

  • Computers

  • Sports equipment

  • Teaching aids

  • Performing Arts

  • Local curriculum activities

  • Camp

  • Sports events

  • Competitions

  • Aquatics programme

The donations are set as follows:
One child at St Heliers $480.00
Two children $880.00
Three or more children $1080.00

  • Where a child starts during the second half year, pro-rata'd rates will apply.

  • Payment can be made in full or in instalments (Kindo Payment Portal or Eftpos is available at the School Office).

  • It is requested that donations be paid in the first term of the new school year, however arrangements can be made to pay in instalments each term if necessary.


St Heliers Out of School Care

St Heliers school offer a variety of after school programmes:

St Heliers OSCAR

St Heliers OSCAR offers Before and After School Care for St Heliers School students,
Oscar before school care (Breakfast Club) operates from St Heliers Centre, 100 St Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers.
Oscar after school care operates from Glendowie Centre, 83 Crossfield Road, Glendowie

To book online and for all information please Click Here

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Support for families

Did you know that many families are eligible for a childcare subsidy?
If you would like to apply, you can find an application form at your local WINZ office, or visit www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz



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