Welcome to St Heliers School

DSC 0052St Heliers is a school that strives for excellence. Our aim is to guide and nurture each student to reach their potential in all areas of school life. Integral to achieving this aim is having a close partnership between home and school.

Being a full primary (Years 1 to 8) we are in a unique position to see the development of the students from young bright-eyed 5 year olds to young adolescents. From the earliest stages of their schooling, students are encouraged to be independent, responsible learners.

Older students are expected to look out for younger students. At the start of the year senior classes are buddied up with a junior class to support the children in various aspects of their schooling. This also helps to create the family atmosphere we want at St Heliers.

Sean Valvoi

Physical Address
126-160 St Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers, Auckland 1071 

Postal Address
PO Box 25110, St Heliers, Auckland 1740

09 575 8311

09 575 3921

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Please telephone the school if your child is absent for the day.
For safety reasons it is most important that we can account for students who are absent from his or her classroom when the Attendance Register is called at the beginning of the day.

   8:30 am — Classrooms open 

   8:50 am — Tuesday - Year 1 - 4 morning assembly
                      Thursday - Year 5 - 8 morning assembly

   9:00 am — Classes commence

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10:40 am — Morning Tea

11:10 am — Classes recommence

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12:40 pm — Lunch 

12:50 pm — Play time

  1:25 pm — Return to classroom

  1:30 pm — Classes recommence

  3:00 pm — End of school day


icon calendar 4Term 4

Monday 9 October - Friday 15 December (School finishes at 12.30 pm on 15 December)

Mid-term cohort date - Monday 13 November


Term 1

Wednesday 7 February - Friday 12 April (Easter break 29 March, 1st and 2nd April)

Mid-term cohort date - Monday 11 March

Term 2

Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July  

Mid-term cohort date - Tuesday 4 June

Term 3

Monday 22 July - Friday 27 September

Mid-term cohort date - Monday 26 August

Term 4 

Monday 14 October - Friday 20 December (Labour day 28 October & Staff only day 29 October)

Mid-term cohort date - Monday 18 November



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