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DSC 0052St Heliers is a school that strives for excellence. Our aim is to guide and nurture each student to reach their potential in all areas of school life. Integral to achieving this aim is having a close partnership between home and school.

Being a full primary (Years 1 to 8) we are in a unique position to see the development of the students from young bright-eyed 5 year olds to young adolescents. From the earliest stages of their schooling, students are encouraged to be independent, responsible learners.

Older students are expected to look out for younger students. At the start of the year senior classes are buddied up with a junior class to support the children in various aspects of their schooling. This also helps to create the family atmosphere we want at St Heliers.

Sean Valvoi

St Heliers School offers the highest standards of education for primary and intermediate school students.

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To complement the core curriculum, St Heliers School provides a wide range of experiences and resources to foster student learning.


St Heliers School features an aquatics programme that prepares students for safe use of the local environment and develops basic swimming competencies.

con kids 86

Years 5 and 6 taking part in a swimming competition

Tutored Swim Programme

Students in Years 3 and 5 are tutored by specialist swimming tutors.


This is a swim skill and personal survival programme for Year 7&8 students.


St Heliers School is one of seven schools that form the Okahu Bay Waterwise Society. The Waterwise group own Optimist sailing dinghies and kayaks. Year 8 students receive instruction in sailing and kayaking. This is carried out by trained instructors and is dependent on parent support.

Education Outside of the Classroom

Opportunities are provided for students to make use of resources within our region. These experiences are an important part of enriching learning.

ESOL (English for speakers of other languages)

The school has a language unit which caters for students for whom English is a second language and who need extra support to enable them to fully participate in classroom programmes. ESOL students are taught by specialist ESOL teachers.

Essay Competition

Through a generous bequest Year 8 students take part in 'The Whitley Family Essay Competition' which provides two substantial prizes to assist students with their secondary school education expenses.

Problem Challenge

Year 7 and 8 students take part in the University of Otago's 'Problem Challenge'.

con kids 86

Year 7 students constructing for the Epro8 Challenge, an engineering and problem solving race

Performing Arts

Each year many opportunities are available for students to take part in performing arts groups, including the school choir, boys' choir, cheer squad, hip hop and jump jam - students leading other students in aerobic exercise.

School Camp

A school camp is offered to Year 6 and Year 8 students each year. The camps are 'Education Outside the Classroom' programmes and seek to test communication, problem solving, self-management, social co-operation and physical skills. They are great fun and eagerly awaited by students.

Second Language Programme

Mandarin is offered to Year 5 to Year 8 students. A mandarin learning assistant is employed to assist in the delivery of the programme.

Speech Contest

Each year, students from Years 5 & 6 and Years 7 & 8 compete to represent the school at a prepared and impromptu speech competition held throughout the Auckland region.

Student Council

Students from Years 3 - 8 make up the Student Council. Each classroom has two elected representatives who are issued with a badge. They attend regular meetings to discuss issues, help organise school events and support students, staff and community.

Student Leaders

Several Year 8 students are selected to be School Leaders. They have a range of duties around the school and are issued with a badge. They support students, staff and community.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities exist for students to develop leadership and complementary skills through becoming student monitors. These include librarians, bank tellers for school banking, road patrol monitors and membership of the Student Council.

After Hours Programmes

From time to time programmes are offered by specialist tutors on site after the end of the school day.

Sport is an integral part of the school curriculum and all students are expected to participate in organised programmes to develop physical skills, co-ordination, learn co-operation and determination.

Classroom sports programmes occur weekly or twice weekly, as well as regular short fitness exercises.

If your child cannot participate for any medical reason, we request a notice from the parent or caregiver outlining the reasons.

Highlights of our Sports year are:



  • Bay Suburbs Sports
  • Eastern Zone Sports
  • Cross Country
  • Year 1-4 Athletics Day
  • Year 5-8 Athletics Day
  • Year 5-8 Swimming Sports
  • The AIMS Games


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