Brett Lee


Brett Lee, an Australian ex-detective from Queensland, came to speak to us about keeping safe online and about the risks of cyber bullying. He showed videos about people being mean online and in the real world. Brett compared doing mean things with the safety of the screen in front of your face to doing it in real life to someone's face. We viewed a video about how posting things online is like a noticeboard, if you post something, everyone can see it and you cannot get rid of it. Brett told us not to be fooled by the computer screen that lies in front of our faces because no matter how unreal it might seem it is still reality and the person you are talking about still has feelings. He told us about the five ideas of how to stay safe online;
• Keep your personal information to yourself
• Change your password regularly
• Nothing can be private
• Anyone that you meet on the internet is under the definition of a stranger
• Once you put something on the internet it is public and permanent.
Nico & Coen, R22 Students


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