What qualities to do they need?

hero2As part of our inquiry topic this term, Y1 have been looking at Superheroes in our Community. This has been a very exciting topic that started with fictional Superheroes and progressed to the real Superheroes in everyday life. The children have been able to experience visits from our local community Superheroes like Constable Gordon, the St Heliers Fire Brigade, Dr Andrea Penman and lastly a visit from the St Johns in Schools Programme. We also looked at who the Superheroes were at school – our Librarian Amanda Campbell, Resource Teacher Ruth Hill, Office staff Raewyn Cozens and Janet Raggett, Caretaker Billy Shoer, Cleaner John Kang and of course all our wonderful teachers and Senior Management Team Craig McCarthny, Patsy Torrie and Alex Wood.

The grand finale was to ask the children how they can be Superheroes? What qualities to do they need? Our school values were discussed and the children were able to make the link between the qualities of real superheroes and themselves.

"I liked it when Kassandra from St John’s talked about responding to emergencies and when Chloe had to pretend to be the hurt Granny." Rosalie

“I didn’t know Ms Hill had so many jobs at our school!” Belle
“I learned what our ear looks like inside from Dr Andrea.” Oscar


Mrs Lyon, Y1 Team Leader