Newsletter March 2019It is always so encouraging to see children of our school take action outside of school that mirrors the values that we espouse at school. Late last year some Y5&6 classes were discussing what Christmas means to different groups within our community. The discussion then addressed the issue of homelessness during Christmas time. Rather than just talking about it, social action followed:

‘Christmas is supposed to be one of the happiest time of year. Getting presents, having a big feast, hanging out with your family. So we did a lot of thinking about this topic. All of a sudden, Christmas sounded really sad to some. What about those who didn’t have a home, or family or food? We really wanted to do something to help.

Some classes decided that we’d donate to the City Mission. We printed out what we needed and the classes donated food and other items. When my dad and I went to City Mission to deliver our donations it filled me with this warm feeling inside.

If you think about the topic homelessness, it’s such a growing issue. It would get so lonely, and you’d feel so unloved. I know that this food helped, but there are so many other people who need our care. So try donating to organizations that help families like these, to help give anyone, no matter where, more hope, faith, and a brighter future.’
Gabriella, Y6 2018 Student