chelsea2During Week 4, Y6 students visited Chelsea Bay in Birkenhead focussing on the inquiry theme of change. Students were split into three groups across two classes where they had three separate experiences; Factory Tour, Edmonds Baking School and Interactive Zone.

The students particularly enjoyed the factory tour where they went on a train and a tour guide explained the history of the factory and the changes that have occurred over time. It was interesting learning how the sugar arrives by ship to the wharf, is unloaded and the processes it undergoes. Everyone saw the computers, asked questions of the workers and listened to the ways in which different Chelsea items were processed to get to the final product. At the end everyone did a taste test on molasses, treacle, golden syrup, honey maple syrup and maple syrup.

In the interactive zone students had a go at baking cakes. The Edmonds Baking School was definitely a highlight as students worked in pairs and made their own Chelsea chocolate chip biscuits. The guides were very patient and helpful. Thank you to the parents who helped on the day to make the trip possible.


Miss Franklin, Y6 Team Leader