Year 1 students

‘Stepping Out’ with Constable Gordon

The Year 1 children have been learning how to cross the road safely with Constable Gordon. After learning this simple safety message, ‘Stop, Look and Listen’, all the children were able to put their learning into practice by going for a walk with the help of some senior children and Constable Gordon. The children were encouraged to be seat belt policeman for their families, remembering to check that everyone is buckled in before the car starts to move. Probably the most exciting learning experience for all was when they were given the opportunity to dress up as a police officer and go for a ride in the police car that included using the siren and megaphone to say a message to all who could hear. The children thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and as a year group, we are very thankful that Constable Gordon was able to help us learn to be safe when crossing the road.

Jackie Lyon Y1 Team Leader