Categories of Accommodation


All international students (Years 1 to 6) enrolled at St Heliers School, must live with and continue to live with a parent.

All young international students in Years 7 and 8, or aged 11 to 13 years, may live with a parent, a designated caregiver approved by the parents, or in a homestay situation.


St Heliers School monitors all three categories of student accommodation, in accordance with the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

Parents and caregivers must advise the school of any change in their contact details, type of accommodation and residential address.  


Any changes of accommodation type must be approved by the International Student Manager or the Principal.


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Accommodation in St Heliers and Surrounding Areas


Students and their parents need to live within a reasonable travelling distance to St Heliers School.


The following areas are suggested:

  • St Helliers
  • Glendowie
  • St Johns
  • St Johns Park
  • Stonefields
  • Meadowbank
  • Kohimarama

Long term accommodation for a two to three bedroomed home within easy travelling distance to St Heliers School would cost between $NZ500 to $NZ800 a week.  

To see what accommodation is available click on: or Search areas within travelling distance of St Heliers School here. or  Search areas within travelling distance of St Heliers School here.



Rental agencies in St Heliers

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St Heliers School is located in an affluent area of Auckland and it is extremely difficult to find homestays in the area. 

International students, who wish to live in a homestay, need to be adaptable, in order to cope with the cultural and emotional challenges of a new culture and environment.


International students who live in homestays of their own ethnicity are more able to cope with the challenges of living away from their parents and home country.  


PDF downloadHomestay Information for Parents of International Students 


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PDF download Accommodation Policy for International Students

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