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To find out more about our school, browse our website,  or view our prospectus, and International Student Programme:


Brochure St Heliers schoolSt Heliers School Prospectus

 Brochure St Heliers schoolSt Heliers School International Student Programme

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To become an international student at St Heliers School follow these steps:


        1. Complete Application form and Contractual Agreement:


            PDF download Application Form and Enrolment Agreement between St Heliers School, the Applicant's Parents, and the Student



              Before signing the Application Form and Enrolment Agreement, please read the following documents:

Code of Conduct for International Students at St Heliers School

Disciplinary Policy for International Students at St Heliers School

Refund Policy

Fee Protection Policy

Procedures for International Students




                   How much does it cost?


              PDF downloadInternational Students' Price List 2019


               PDF download International Students' Price List 2020



              Please send the following documentation with your application:

               .  Copy of your child's latest school report, for social and academic progress.  

                  Please provide certified translated copies of reports.

               .  Copy of the front page of the passports of the student and the parent 

               .  Copy of the student's birth certificate 



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2.    Receive invoice for fees.


3.    Pay fees into the school bank account.


4.    Receipt Offer of Place subject to Visa.


5.    Apply to New Zealand Immigration for Student Visa (if enrolment is longer than 3 months)


6.    The school must receive copies of Student Visas as soon as they are issued.


7.    Homestays and designated caregivers:

For students living with a designated caregiver, parent will need to complete the International Student Indemnity Document.


             PDF downloadInternational Student Designated Caregiver Agreement


8.   Health and Travel Insurance.

All international students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. Click here.


9. School uniform.


St Heliers School requires students to dress in a school uniform; 
the average cost of a school uniform is $250.000.


            School Uniform Price List


St Heliers School is a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.
St Heliers School has verification from NZQA that our school meets the quality standards of pastoral care as set out in the Code. http://www.stheliers.school.nz/en/international-students/education-review-office


Copies of the Code are available from the NZQA website at:




PDF download Summary of the Code of Practice in English


PDF downloadSummary of the Code of Practice in Japanese


PDF downloadSummary of the Code of Practice in Korean


PDF downloadSummary of the Code of Practice in Chinese


 PDF downloadSummary of the Code of Practice in Thai

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Procedures for International Students:


The Procedures for International Students need to be read by parents of international students as part of the enrolment process.  

PDF downloadProcedures for International Students: