Innovations & Solutions

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What qualities to do they need?

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Local Maori History

더 읽기: Year 6 Achilles Point Trip

Tuesdays at Okahu Bay

더 읽기: Year 8 Waterwise

Responsible Citizenship

더 읽기: Year 2 Trip to Auckland Zoo

Native Animals

더 읽기: Year 3 Trip to Auckland Zoo

Sensible Food Choices

더 읽기: Year 5 Food For Thought


더 읽기: Year 6 Trip to Chelsea Sugar Factory

So Much Fun

더 읽기: Year 8 Camp

Team of 115!

더 읽기: Weetbix Tryathlon


더 읽기: Y5&6 City Mission

Sports Gear!

더 읽기: Yummy Stickers

Brett Lee

더 읽기: Year 6 Keeping Safe Online

School Payments

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