If your child is absent for that day there are a number of ways absences can be reported to the school.

  • Via telephone using the absence lineSt Heliers school building

    09 5758311

  • Email the school office
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  • Use the "Contact Us" form on this website on the right panel of this website.

For safety reasons it is most important that we can account for students who are absent from his or her classroom.


The Attendance Register is called at the beginning of the day.

Leave of Absence

Schools have a legal responsibility to ensure that the attendance of all pupils is satisfactory. Attendance records of all pupils are faithfully maintained in the register and an audit is carried out each year. From time to time, parents may wish to take their children out of school for an extended period of time.


To ensure that a place is retained for your child or children, and as a matter of courtesy, you must request leave of absence from the school in writing. Without leave authority, we are required to remove a pupil from the roll after 20 days' absence.