Working together with Kindo, St Heliers School has a fantastic way to view and make payments.

No cash, no paper, no hassle!

It is the school's preferred method of payment and we encourage you to set up your account today.  

New Users (click here)

Set up an account easily. All you need is your email address which matches the one held by the school.

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Online Shop (click here)

Shop anytime, anywhere with our Kindo online School shop.

You can; view and make full or part payments on your family account or support school fundraisers.

Items are updated throughout the school year

Choose to pay-as-you-go or add funds to your Kindo account in advance, using internet banking, account2account or Visa/Mastercard (fees apply).

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Contact the school office at 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다.

Contact the Kindo helpdesk on freephone 0508 4 KINDO or email 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다.

See it in action

We have a tutorial on how to use the shop to help you get started, simply click on the link below.

How to purchase / pay - Click here

It’s an easy one-stop shop for all your school related costs.