Award Assemblies - are on a Friday at 2.00 pm in the school hall. All are welcome.  Merit certificates are awarded during Year 1-4 and Year 5-8 assemblies. Excellence Awards and Citizenship Awards are presented at full school assemblies.

Staff will contact parents/caregivers to advise when a child is receiving an award. We like to keep this as a surprise for the student.

Please check the school community calendar for the dates of Friday assemblies.

Morning Assemblies - the principal holds short weekly 8:50 am morning assemblies. These are to deliver messages to students and acknowledge achievements.  These are held on:

Tuesday - Year 1 & 2, Wednesday - Years 5 - 8, Thursday - Year 3 & 4.

Parents are welcome to attend. Please be aware they are frequently cancelled due to weather and other school events.


If parents have any concerns or queries about some aspect of their child's schooling, please make an appointment with your child's class teacher. If the matter requires further discussion or is unresolved, the appropriate team leader would become involved. The Principal would only become involved in such issues after discussions with the class teacher and team leader remained unresolved.

Damage to School Property

Where a pupil causes damage through deliberate destruction or undue carelessness it is school policy to inform the parents and seek their co-operation in rectifying the problem.

Lost Property

Lost Property is kept at the back of the school hall. Every effort is made to return named items. All clothing must be named. Lost Property is cleaned out at the end of each term. Unclaimed items are put in the recycle clothing bin.

Lunches (tuck shop)

The tuck shop offers both morning tea items and lunch orders.  It  is open at morning tea time only for over the counter purchases on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Lunch orders are also available for these days.  The tuck shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Lunch orders on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays should be written on the outside of an envelope with the child's name and room number and deposited in the blue box in the Office foyer with payment before school begins. Lunch orders can also be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 9pm the previous evening for the following day.  Monitors collect and distribute lunches at 12:30pm.

A complete menu and price list is provided in the school foyer and Here.

Notifying the School

Please notify the school:

  • If your child is to be picked up by anyone other than the usual people (grandparents, relations, friends)
  • If your child has a notifiable disease - infectious
  • If you change your telephone number or address.

Road Safety

Road safety is of key concern for children travelling to and from school. Pupils are constantly reminded, both in and out of the classroom, of the safety rules that must be observed daily. Programmes such as Safe Walking and Safe Cycling are taught within the curriculum. Please do not double park to pick up children.

Students who ride bicycles to school must be familiar with the Road Code and meet three conditions:

  • The cycle is completely roadworthy
  • Parents have given permission
  • The student is wearing a cycle helmet.

School traffic wardens are on patrol at the traffic lights at the intersection of St Heliers Bay Road, Riddell Road and Maskell Street each afternoon from 3.00-3.10pm. A staff member supervises the afternoon crossings. Children are to cross the roads only at the patrolled traffic lights, and must use the Kea Crossing if crossing Walmsley Road.

School Newsletter

This is emailed to all parents and available on the website here. 

It contains items of interest, information about school programmes, events and notable achievements. This is the main source of information to parents about upcoming events and reminders.

School Photos

Class, sibling and individual photos are taken in Term 2.

School Student Council

We have two student councils. Junior Student Council is Years 4 & 5 and Senior Student Council is Years 6 - 8. Meetings are held once a term with follow-up meetings when required. Both Councils work with the Assistant and Deputy Principals to discuss issues, help organise school events and support students, staff and community. Year 4 & 5 Student Council are elected by their classmates for two terms. Year 6 - 8 Student Council are elected by their classmates for the year. 

School Trips, Camps and Education Outside the Classroom

In order to enrich the students’ education, class trips are sometimes organised. These can be on a half or full day basis or can sometimes be for up to a week. Extensive planning is required by the teacher and a proposal outlining the purpose, plans and itinerary of each trip is given to the Principal. Regulations determining the required ratio of adults to pupils are adhered to. Invariably parents are invited to support, take part in and enjoy their child's class trip.

A travel consent form is completed on enrolment which is valid for the entire time your child is at St Heliers School. All trips and visits will be well-publicised either in the Principal's, team leader's or class teacher's newsletters.

Signing out at School Office

If a child needs to leave the school grounds during school hours, parents/caregivers of that student, where possible, should notify the classroom teacher before the start of the school day. All parents must report to the school office to sign the student out and only then will the student be sent for. Please do not take students directly from classrooms.

Student Progress

A Meet the Teachers Evening' happens early in Term 1 of each year.

Two written reports are issued for each student - one mid-year and one at the end of the year.

Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled when mid-year reports are issued.

Staff are available to have informal chats before or after school for a few minutes. If you require a longer time, you can contact the office and a time will be organised with the teacher concerned. Staff have meetings after school on several days and will find a time that suits as soon as possible.

Supervision of the School Grounds

During morning tea interval and lunch break teachers are on duty in the school grounds. When injuries occur or concerns arise, students should initially contact the duty teacher.

A map of the St Heliers School grounds can be downloaded Here.