At St Heliers School, we have high expectations of the way that our students should behave and how they treat each other, their teachers and anyone else they have contact with. 

Students should:

  1. Uphold the School Values.
  2. Always address staff and other adults as Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss.
  3. Adhere to the Dress Code.
  4. Always complete classwork and homework to the best of their ability.
  5. Always allow others to work without being distracted.
  6. Bring a note for any absence from school.
  7. Put classroom equipment back where it belongs.
  8. Move around the school quietly in class lines during instructional periods.
  9. Always be seated to eat lunch. Lunch eating time is a quiet time.
  10. Return sports equipment to the sports shed.
  11. Lock any bicycle ridden to school.
  12. Adhere to bell times.

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The following are not permitted at St Heliers School:

  1. Students in classrooms before the 8:30am bell.
  2. Students in classrooms at play and lunchtime without teacher supervision.
  3. Chewing gum, fizzy drinks or lollies.
  4. Toys of any description unless approved by the class teacher.
  5. Littering.
  6. Running around corners on hard surfaces.
  7. Shoes in the library.
  8. Kicking of large balls other than on the field.
  9. Going to the tuckshop until after the 12:40 bell.
  10. Students in the Staff car park.
  11. Students in the following areas: behind Rooms 1 - 6 and Rooms 7 - 12.
  12. Food in the hall.
  13. Playing with balls in classrooms.
  14. Climbing trees.
  15. Mobile phones or cameras (Mobile phones are not permitted at school unless aparent requests, in writing to the class teacher, that a mobile be brought to school for personal safety reasons. In such circumstances the student must turn off their phone immediately upon entering school grounds and are not to be turned on again until they have departed from the school grounds. Phones must be given to the class teacher in the morning and it is the student’s responsibility to collect it at the end of the day).
  16. Riding of bikes within the school grounds or on the pavement around the perimeter of the school.
  17. Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
  18. Any item that is widely regarded as being unsuitable to bring to school, mainly for health or safety reasons e.g. matches, fireworks, skateboards, knives, electronic products.